Indigenous Editorial Policy

Indigenious Editorial Policy

Over the course of one and half  century, the journalism has been driven to promote secular values in the third world countries. The Western media being a major instrument of secular ideology, has been largely de-contextualizing the events and happenings around world in its reports and analysis. The motive has been to serve covet religious and overt economic, political and geo-strategic interests of the West under the garb of helping poor countries to adopt the model of liberal democracy. The national medias in third world countries have been conveniently engaged in copycat approach to de-contextualize major events and incidents in their own countries. They wittily or unwittingly prefer to use terminologies of Western media to report and analyze events, something which virtually has been de-legitimizing indigenous resistance against hegemonic agenda of West and their allies For instance, largely indigenous resistance against the West backed apartheid State of Israel, has been portrayed as terrorism and so has been the case in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and many other parts of the world particularly in Muslim world. The core moral, social, family, values and religious values of the people of the third world countries have been under attack in a subtle manner to promote entities and individuals intellectually indoctrinated to secularism and liberalism. On the other hand, the authoritarian media in Middle East and many other countries  particularly in China, has been engaged in a systematic cover-up to force over one million Muslims to renounce their religion and breach all other their fundamental rights, something the Western media enthusiastically reports not out of love of press freedom but more to serve the political and geo-strategic interests of the countries, they represent in the West. In the context of this background, Muslim Affairs would undertake humble efforts to report, analyze and monitor of what Western and Authoritarian medias opt to de-contextualize and miss out because of their political interests and inherited biases across the region.

Muslim Affairs, is a global news outlet, headquartered in Islamabad Pakistan.  The news outlet is particularly focusing on political, economic and human rights issues linked with Muslim countries and Muslim communities spreading all over the world. Muslim Affairs, has at its disposal an experienced team of journalists, researchers, academicians, human rights activists from all over the world  to report, analyze & monitor issues linked with unending sufferings of Muslims all over the world. 

It is headed by Javed Rana who has a syndicated network of journalists to gather information, footage, host talk shows, produce news packages, short and long documentaries. Javed  is prolific writer and columnist along with his team of experienced cameramen, editors and producers. He has produced, reported thousands of live events, news packages, numerous short and long documentaries, hosted talk shows and conducted interviews with high profile leaders on major events of political and geo-strategic significance.
His in-depth reporting and analysis of political, economic and geo-strategic issues attracted international newspapers such as Los Angles Times, Khaleej Times, Arab News & many global Television news networks over the course of two decades.
Javed carries a unique distinction to have developed an apt understanding of television and online journalism with deep-down experimental knowledge of technicalities involved in broadband journalism, videography and editing.
Javed Rana to his credit , carries over two decades of rich experience in print, online and television journalism. He has worked with many leading Pakistani and international newspapers and news channels before he started working as a freelance for TRT World, Turkish English News Channel, Russia Today, Channel News Asia, a Singapore based English news channel among host of other international televisions over the years. He regularly appears on national and international news televisions as an analyst on legal, human rights, political, economic and geo-strategic issues.